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from machine learning to machine cognition

Machine learning was originally a by-product of Artificial Intelligence research. In the past years, however, its algorithms have been deployed ubiquitously in many aspects of everyday life, due to their robustness and ease of use. Here, we take machine learning to the next level, by adding several layers of processing, and by implementing a temporal, real-time component.

the interface is key

No machine can perform any cognitive tasks in isolation and without feedback. Our approach is thus to tightly integrate data processing with the environment. Movement, for example, is not an abstract task, but rather, each limb can be controlled individually to perform complex movements. However, the hierarchical “nerve wiring” matters: in a six-legged creature, for example, one output strand controls all legs, a second one ties two legs on the left with one on the right and vice versa, and only after that is each leg wired individually. Just like biology has done, the anatomy of the body guides the movement.

open source development

All our development is available as source code under the GPL-3.0 license. We strongly feel that any ambitious project is best developed and maintained by a diverse community of developers, testers, scientists, artists, critics, thinkers, and philosophers. The Open Source concept thus provides the perfect ecosystem for such an effort.